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IAQe for municipalities of Finland

Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem IAQe is a platform that connects all parties of indoor air quality and its development such as real estate owners (e.g. municipalities), real estate operators, contractors, design engineers, regulation and authorities, research and technology organizations etc.

IAQe aims to create cooperation to improve indoor air quality and to find new solutions through joint projects with collaboration between all parties.

Through possible cooperation with municipalities IAQe wants to improve the process of procurement to achieve quality-certified, overall indoor air services for repair and new facilities. IAQe is actively cooperating with Sisäilmayhdistys ry and Business Finland around collaboration with municipalities.

IAQe and Sisäilmayhdistys ry are ready to assemble consortium of municipalities interested in developing their procurement process of indoor air services for repair and new facilities towards holistic solutions.

By Aino Luuppala | Tamlink

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