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IAQe project 'Future Spaces' arranged successful final seminar at Tampere University

The final seminar of the Future Spaces project presented 24.8. at Tampere University the research results of the two-year lasting project which is coming to and end this fall.

The presentations of the seminar can be found on the project website:

Future Spaces project started in the fall of 2020 aiming to create a service concept for renovating buildings and their conditions into healthy and high-quality spaces that are also energy-efficient and respond to the challenges posed by climate change.

The ambitious future vision insists high-level of cooperation between forerunner companies as well as research organizations. The Finnish project consortium consists of two research organizations (VTT and Tampere University) and nine companies (Koja, A-Insinöörit, Bitwise, Dekati, Fennia, Fidelix, Tampereen Tilapalvelut, TPI Control and Vaisala). Tamlink is the coordinator. The Engine for the project is Koja Oy.

Read more:

Professor Juha Vinha from Tampere University introducing the Future Spaces project.

Teemu Toroi from TPI Control Oy presented the compies efforts on the Future Spaces project.

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