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Projects in IAQe

IAQe acts as a platform for several IAQ related co-innovation projects.

E3 Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions

The E3 project wants to harness modern science and technology to create effective countermeasures to prevent the spreading of novel infectious diseases. The main goal is to develop solutions that allow the various functions of society to continue uninterrupted and people to continue to move and live safely despite the epidemics and pandemics.


Future Spaces

Future Spaces is a two-year project that started in the fall of 2020 aiming to create a service concept for renovating buildings and their conditions into healthy and high-quality spaces that are also energy-efficient and respond to the challenges posed by climate change. The ambitious future vision insists high-level of cooperation between forerunner companies as well as research organizations. The Finnish project consortium consists of two research organizations and nine companies.





Participating companies

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