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For solution providers

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe, which has been awarded with Business Finland’s Growth Engine status, strives for healthy indoor air and international billion-euro business by bringing together industry-leading companies. IAQe is an open cooperation platform for generating new business and business models to enable companies to reach new market segments and areas through collaboration. To join the activity, partner companies pay an annual turnover based membership fee.

Modern Office Building

For building owners and operators

For building owners and operators, the satisfaction of building users is crucial - and as the awareness on the importance of good quality indoor air and its health benefits rises, a healthy building can be seen as a huge competitive edge. Through healthy indoor air, building owners and operators can achieve not only happier customers but also for example savings (e.g. energy efficiency), profit (e.g. higher rent for investment) and brand building (sustainability). 

For international network

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe offers high indoor air quality competence and expertise found from Finland to its international network. Through IAQe's cooperation with other Finnish actors, IAQe can also bridge other valuable actors to its wide network. Besides Finland, IAQe has now actions in Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

We are always open to cooperation! 



Please be in contact for more information.

We will tell you more about your possibilities in our ecosystem.

Jari Erkkilä

IAQe Coordinator

+358 40 513 6917

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