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Growth Engine IAQe aims for healthy indoor air

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe, which has been awarded with Business Finland’s Growth Engine status, strives for healthy indoor air and international billion-euro business by bringing together industry-leading companies. IAQe is an open cooperation platform for generating new business and business models to enable companies to reach new market segments and areas through collaboration.

For decades, we have been well aware of outdoor pollution and its repercussions on our health. However, poor quality indoor air can pose an even bigger threat on our wellbeing as we spend 90% of our time indoors – whether it be at home, school, workplace or public premises.

Overall healthy indoor air depends on a number of factors, ranging from building materials to technology products to building maintenance. Achieving clean and healthy indoor air, therefore, requires transparent cooperation between actors throughout the building’s life cycle. The health effects of the quality of indoor air, together with the strong competence and expertise of the industry found in Finland gave way to an active cooperation platform on indoor air quality.

The purpose of IAQe is to bridge all the Finnish experts and promote active cooperation in order to improve indoor air quality and to generate new business. Joint projects and solutions offer a new way of service development and enable markets that would otherwise not be reachable for individual companies. IAQe provides a platform for open and confidential collaboration between industry players as well as for the development of new business models and concepts. The cornerstones of the business are the creation of new solutions and business, R&D&I projects and networking. IAQe’s activities have already yielded tangible results, as exemplified by the first joint offering pilot with partner companies and several separate projects.

Business Finland granted the IAQe business ecosystem with Growth Engine status and funding for the orchestration of the ecosystem. The funding is intended to boost the ecosystem and new, international business. Launched in 2018, the ecosystem aims to achieve billion-euro revenue in international markets.

The service business continues to grow, both in Finland and internationally, and the mindset of customers is shifting from purchasing products to services. This is why IAQe seeks to revolutionize the indoor air market by enabling comprehensive and objective access to healthy indoor air as a service (IAQaaS). The involvement of active partner companies makes indoor air service and commercialization possible. The objectives of IAQe are:

  • Generating new business and business models, as well as achieving internationalization and growth in new markets through cooperation with partner companies.

  • Strengthening existing networks and collaboration and creating new ones between different players in existing and emerging business areas.

  • Extending IAQ into a part of larger entities to meet the needs of future customers and end-users for comprehensive air quality as part of different entities (smart energy, outdoor, indoor environment, digitalization…).

25 partner companies, as well as technology and research institutes, have been actively involved in launching the indoor air quality ecosystem in coordination with Tamlink Oy. In addition, a number of national and international stakeholders are involved; service and technology companies, research institutes, authorities and associations. IAQe is a cooperation platform open to all interested parties. All actors throughout the lifecycle of a building are welcome to join the ecosystem so that together we may generate future solutions and business.


Jari Erkkilä, The Coordinator of IAQe, Tamlink Oy

+358 40 513 6917

Text: Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe

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