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E3 Co-Innovation project finds scientific solutions to prevent the spreading of different viruses

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The goal of the E3 project is to build a joint project bringing together companies and research organizations on the basis of three Co-Creation research projects. In a joint project, business-oriented R&D activities will be launched to develop science-based solutions against different transmission routes of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses.

The infectivity of viruses and especially air transmission is generally poorly known. The goal of the E3 (Excellence in Pandemic Response and Enterprise Solutions) Co-Innovation project is to acknowledge and to create solutions to cut all transmission routes of virus spreading. The only way out of the pandemics crisis is to open the society and re-start the economy. The E3 project aims to create globally competitive solutions to speed up the re-opening of society and to cut off the different transmission routes of viruses through cooperation between companies and research organizations.

Covid-19 has shown how vulnerable societies all over the world are against pandemics. It has drastically restricted the everyday life of people, shut down important functions of society and business, and even caused regional lockdowns.

At the moment there is a huge business-based need raising by the COVID-19 virus for scientifically proven solutions preventing the spreading of epidemics and pandemics around the world – the key element in re-opening the society is trust, which is gained only when people know they are safe based on scientifically proofed solutions. The solutions must be effective, cost-efficient and acceptable by people. In the E3 project, the focus goes beyond the COVID-19 virus taking into account also other viruses, such as influenza and norovirus, too.

The E3 Co-Innovation project preparation started with three Co-Creation projects that emerged to create a more comprehensive project together:

  • AIRCO (Air transmission control of COVID-19)

  • L2B (License to Breath)

  • TUPA (Scientifically studied safety concepts for the mitigation of the societal effects of the pandemic)

There is a need for research results that can be implemented into the R&D activities of companies and in various settings.

The work packages (WP) of the project in the planning phase are as following:

  • WP1: Risk assessment & control strategies

  • WP3: Emissions, Dispersion, Deposition & Exposure

  • WP4: Surfaces

  • WP5: Detection & Monitoring & Diagnostics

  • WP6: Airborne contamination control

  • WP7: Integration of indoor concepts & solutions

  • WP8: Coordination & Dissemination

The main results of the WP's:

  • An exposure model that takes into account the different transmission routes indoors: droplet, aerosol, and contact infection

  • Information about the magnitude of the infectious dose for different routes of infection

  • Develop an application that can assess risks and enable safer movement indoors

  • Develop salivary diagnostics for viral diseases and determine whether the tests can reliably detect asymptomatic infectious persons

  • Develop methods for airborne and surface virus detection (direct and indirect) that can be utilized e.g. in public spaces

  • Information about the relevance of airborne transmission of viruses and other pathogens

    • Design, evaluate and validate new concepts to prevent the spread of pathogens

    • Integrate project companies and research from a business perspective

    • Integrate sub-solutions developed and offered by companies in E3 project into comprehensive solutions taking into account business aspects (incl. business models), aspects related to people’s behavior and needs, as well as the intelligence of buildings and interiors

Search for companies is now active!

The preparation organizations of the E3 Co-Innovation project are CleverHealth Network, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki University Hospital, IAQe, Tamlink, Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences,

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, University of Helsinki and VTT

Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Interested in the E3 Co-Innovation project? Please contact:

Jari Erkkilä

IAQe, Coordinator

+358 40 513 6917

More info about Co-Innovation project:

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