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IAQe Starts its Pilot Project in Poland

Finnish Indoor Air Quality ecosystem, IAQe, is 1,5-year operated business ecosystem that aims for healthy indoor air by bridging all the Finnish experts and promoting active cooperation. In November 2019, IAQe was awarded with Business Finland’s Growth Engine status as an indication of the potential to create billion-euro revenue in international markets with new business.

Driven by the needs of healthy indoor air for human well-being and active cooperation platform, IAQe was launched in early 2018 with profound expertise and competence from Finland. Over twenty Finnish high-tech partner companies, as well as research institutes, coordinated by Tamlink Oy, have been actively involved in launching the IAQe.

IAQe is an open cooperation platform that offers opportunities for co-creation of new businesses, R&D&I projects and networking. At the moment IAQe has 24 partner companies, as well as close collaboration with Finnish research organizations and over 10 global partners across Europe and Asia. Partner companies represent the various stakeholders within the value chain, consisting actors in the sectors of air cleaners, air filters and filter materials, building automation, building materials, education and showroom, energy, HVAC systems, integrators and experts, measuring and monitoring, data analysis, research and technology organizations, regulation and authorities and global network.

Achieving healthy indoor air with energy efficiency requires transparent cooperation between actors throughout the life cycle of a building. Along with the increasing awareness of the healthy air quality and benefits to the human well-being in Poland, IAQe is willing to be part of the solution in close cooperation with local partners.

IAQe has started a pilot project planning in a private school near Warsaw, where different alternative indoor air solution packages will be implemented, monitored, compared and validated according to the scenario to improve the overall indoor air quality and energy efficiency in school. Together with the Finnish technology and solution providers, Polish actors, both industry and academia, are also deeply involved in the cooperation and localization. The aim of the project is to pilot the different alternative solutions, identify the most cost-effective options, and validate the improvement of indoor air and energy efficiency through joint efforts. The ultimate goal of IAQe is to be able to offer validated cost-effective total solutions for healthy indoor air instead of individual products.

Overall, healthy indoor air depends on various factors, ranging from building materials, technology products to building operations and maintenance. A successful project requires joint efforts from different stakeholders within the value chains together to achieve a healthy living environment. The air quality monitoring of the school, construction and installation work is scheduled to begin next year.

In Poland’s pilot project the following companies are initially participating: Air0 Oy, Alme Solutions Oy, Fidelix Oy, Filterpak Oy, Fläktgroup Oy, Go4Energy, Kiilto Oy, Produal Oy, Realin Oy, Smartwatcher Oy, Tamlink Oy, Tikkurila Oyj, Vaisala Oyj, Vallox Oy, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

More information:

Jari Erkkilä

Coordinator of IAQe

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