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7.5.2019 IAQe's Partner Meeting on

IAQe had its last partner meeting last week on Tuesday May 7th. Partner meeting was hosted by our partner company Ramboll Finland in their new multi-purpose premises Ramboll Village in Espoo. All our partner companies and few possible stakeholders of IAQe were invited.

May's partner meeting included the introduction of Ramboll Group and Ramboll Finland and a tour at the Ramboll’s new premises Ramboll Village. Like usually, we also heard expert speeches when Mika Kovanen from Ramboll speaked with headline “Smart buildings and case Lidl” and Mikko Moisio from Dekati presented the new indoor air ISO-standards 1 6000-34/37.

After lunch we jumped into the workshop about IAQ as a Service, facilitated by Ramboll. During the day we also heard the current topics of IAQe. 

One of the workshop group's talking about the role of maintenance in IAQ as a Service.

IAQe's next partner meeting will take place on Tuesday 27th of August, 2019.

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