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IAQe partner - Genano, delivering clean air to fight against the coronavirus in China!

Finland is well known in Clean Air solutions due to long history of significant expertise in technologies, system of prevention, education and certification, and the cooperation between stakeholders in academia and industry. The IAQe was launched to share our knowledge internationally and together to create healthy indoor environment and improve the well-being by bridging all the actors of building’s life cycle. At the moment, the IAQe has over twenty partner companies and a wide network of both Finnish and international actors.

One of the IAQe’s partner companies, Genano, is delivering clear air solutions to fight together with China against the coronavirus. The coronavirus virions are spherical with diameters of approximately 125 nm. This new virus, 2019-nCoV, is similar to both SARS and MERS, which can penetrate much deeper into the respiratory system and cause severe lung disease and damages. The WHO confirmed that human-to-human transmission is occurring with a preliminary R0* estimation of 1.4-2.5, and extent of human-to-human transmission is still not clear.

Genano has rich experience in fighting again MERS in Saudi Arabian central hospitals few years back. The Genano® technology can destroy and eliminate the airborne microbes, such as viruses and bacteria. We believe that the Air Decontamination Units for hospitals will provide safe indoor environment and control the infection risks for both patients and medical staff.

Wuhan, China, you are not alone!

*R0: basic reproduction number to gauge whether the outbreak will spread. For comparison, the R0 for the seasonal flu is 1.3 and for SARS it was 2-4.

By Liuliu Du, the Finnish IAQe

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