11.1.2018 IAQe Kick-off

Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem has started the year 2018 with the Kick-off Event that took place on 11.1. at New Factory premises, Tampere. The event gathered over 50 industry experts and researchers, companies and speakers, and those who believe in working together. Apart from the networking possibility, the kick-off program consisted of 9 keynote presentations that aimed to showcase the business potential of the IAQ ecosystem. Among those:

- Opening Words (Tamlink / Jari Erkkilä)

- Business Ecosystems (Tekes / Tuomas Lehtinen)

- How to Improve IAQ? (VTT / Aimo Taipale)

- Vocational Education Export within IAQ (Ilmarium / Lei Dong)

- Target of the Partner Company in the IAQ ecosystem (Enervent / Jukka Riekkinen)

- IAQ Business Cooperation in China (Pegasor / Yanan Mi)

- Opportunities for IAQe from Company’s Point of View (Alme Solutions / Jaakko Kurki)

- Next Generation Air Purification (Air0 / Valle Kulmala)

- EU Level Cooperation (LUT / Liuliu Du)

Followed by keynotes, the audience engaged in an active round-up discussion to share experiences, build future plans for the ecosystem and find out the most topical issues to be included in the core activities of the Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem. Stay tuned for the upcoming networking events and seminars!

Photos and text: Yuliya Nesterenko (Tamlink)


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