18.11.2019 Clean Indoor Air market dialogue

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe organized Clean Indoor Air market dialogue in cooperation with KEINO competence centre's indoor development team on Monday 18th of November, 2019 at Espoo, Finland.

The event brought together organizations that manage public spaces and companies that supply indoor air solutions. KEINO supports and helps Finnish public contracting authorities with the development of sustainable and innovative procurement and the purpose of the market dialogue was to improve communication on the needs of public actors as well as on available and future solutions. The event was held in Finnish.

Jari Erkkilä, IAQe, presenting the business perspective and current state of indoor air solutions.


  • Welcome (KEINO competence centre and IAQe)

  • Introductions of participants

  • Presentations of public actors

- Marianna Tuomainen, City of Helsinki

- Sara von Hertzen, HUS Kiinteistöt Oy

  • The business perspective, IAQe

  • What can be achieved with innovative public procurement, Business Finland

  • Workshop: Clarifying future indoor needs and solutions

  • Summary

The market dialogue event provided good discussions both during the presentations and in workshop groups. In the discussions, also different concrete actions for next steps came up and in the future, we will be deepening the cooperation between IAQe and KEINO for companies to develop future solutions that allow public actors to procure indoor air solutions easier, more efficient and safer in the future.

The presentations of the event can be found from the event webpage.


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