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China and Korea Tour

IAQe delegation's group photo.

”The Indoor Air Quality Ecosystem (IAQe) just finished its first internationalization business trip in China and Korea during November 18-29 th, 2018 . We managed to host/co-host 4 seminars and 21 meetings, visited 13 industrial and research & technology organizations, and encountered 90 potential partners. Our integrated solutions in value chain perspective have drawn immense interests, among which clear matches and direct offerings were proceeded during the matchmaking. This has led to 46 active leads for our 25 IAQe partners.

Our active approach will boost the international business cooperation, develop R&D collaboration and joint funding application, support the Finnish partners to find local customers, integrators and distributors, etc,. We look forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation.

*The IAQe delegation was strongly supported by member partners (Tamlink, VTT, LUT, Vetrospace, Tikkurila, Vaisala, Genano); Business Finland (China & Korea) and Embassy of Finland in Korea".Liuliu Du, LUT


Coordinator of IAQe, Tamlink Ltd, signing MoU with Nanjing.

After the business trip in China and Korea, IAQe signed a Memorandum of understanding about a Joint Project with Qinhuai District, Nanjing.

Also the coordinator of IAQe, Tamlink Ltd., signed a Memorandum of understanding about Cooperation Respecting Transformation of Finnish Scientific and Technological Achievements with Management Committee of Nanjing Baixia High-tech Industrial Development Zone.

Now we will start the discussions and concrete steps with our partner companies interested in cooperation and joint projects in China/Korea. Please contact Jari Erkkilä ( to join the discussions.

Aino Luuppala | Tamlink

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