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28.-30.10.2019 Building Physics Seminar

Picture from the seminar's cocktail event
The seminar also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Building physics research group

The Building Physics 2019 Seminar (Rakennusfysiikka 2019), organized by the Building physics research group of Tampere University and Finnish association of civil engineers RIL, was held for the sixth time on 28th-30th of October 2019 at Tampere Hall, Finland. In the seminar, the latest research results and good practices were shared. In total, over 90 speeches were heard during the seminar. The Keynote presentations of 2019 can be found from the events webpage.

IAQe's stand in the Seminar.
IAQe participated in the seminar with stand in the exhibition area

The days of the three-day seminar were divided into different themes:

Monday, October 28th: Building physics research, Thermal and humidity function of structures and new instructions

Tuesday, October 29th: Moisture and mold problems in buildings, their prevention and indoor air quality

Wednesday, October 30th: Energy efficiency and acoustics of buildings, low carbon and organic structures

Valvira giving a speech at the Seminar

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