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For building owners and operators, the satisfaction of building users is crucial - and as the awareness on the importance of good quality indoor air and its health benefits rises, a healthy building can be seen as a huge competitive edge. Through healthy indoor air, building owners and operators can achieve not only happier customers but also for example savings (e.g. energy efficiency), profit (e.g. higher rent for investment) and brand building (sustainability).  


Get competitive edge by offering healthy, certified indoor air for your customers. Be a part of ecosystem's industry leading pilots and development of future solutions.


Through IAQe, get access to high quality expertise and solutions as one-stop shop. Joint projects to improve the health of buildings jointly with all the actors of building's life cycle.


Besides IAQe's partner companies, solution providers, ecosystem offers wide network of essential players to stay up to date of IAQ field and beyond: indoor environment, outdoor air and energy efficiency. 

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