IAQe actors

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem IAQe has a large network of actors on the IAQ field to comprehensively develop indoor air solutions and pioneer. To develop solutions to achieving healthy indoor air, IAQe and its active partner network generate for example R&D&I projects, new business models, joint seminars and market dialogues. Active actors are the cornerstone of the ecosystem's operations.

Partner network of IAQe consists of:

  • Solution providers; technology and service companies

  • Research and technology organizations

  • Other ecosystems

  • Associations

  • Authorities & cities

  • Funding, venture capital

Indoor Air Quality ecosystem is also a part of Smart Energy Finland Program. 



Jari Erkkilä

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+358 40 513 6917

Jari Erkkilä

Nea Alanen

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+358 50 511 4541

Hannu Salmela

Hannu Salmela

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Jutta Kannisto

Jutta Kannisto

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+358 40 768 4214

Liuliu Du

Liuliu Du

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+358 45 266 3395